24k Gold Apple Airpods, Yours For $10K

Excessive or stylish? We’re not sure.

Though, if you do purchase a pair of these BRIKK 24k gold Apple Airpods, we guess you’ve got some cash to burn through since these will set you back a hefty $10,000 USD.

These AirPods and their case are coated in two layers of 24k gold, but if this hue isn’t your style, there’s also a rose gold option along a 950 platinum option to choose from.

  • The LUX Airpod Classic: $4,995 USD
  • The LUX Airpod Deluxe w/ 2 carats of diamonds: $9,995 USD

All we know is that misplacing these airpods would be a very pricey blunder to make.  Typically, if you can’t find your AirPods, Apple will sell you a replacement single Airpod for $69 and you can also get a replacement charging case for the same price.

But we’re pretty sure they won’t be able to send you a 24k gold replacement.

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