Netflix’s Profile Icons Get a Makeover

The profile icons associated with each Netflix account are finally getting a makeover.

Announced by Netflix’s product innovation director, Cathy Conk, the profile icons were first introduced back in 2013—after five years of pumping out new and original content, they’ve decided to turn their focus to the platform aesthetics and give a little customization to each subscriber. Viewers will still be able to opt for the basic emoji-like drawings associated with their accounts, though the drawn icons have also gotten a face lift.

In addition to the updated icons, Netflix is also allowing for subscribers to choose from its vast roster of original shows. Soon, when you boot up your account for a night of binge-watching, you’ll be greeted by your most beloved characters from your favorite shows like Luke Cage, Kimmy Schmidt and Elle from Stranger Things as your profile icon.

We know the series and movies on Netflix are more than just things you watch to pass the time. The stories — and the characters in them — are also your heroes, frenemies, soulmates and everything in between. We’re thrilled to give you a way to show your fandom and make your connection with Netflix more unique.”

Each Netflix account can have up to five profiles linked with it, and the idea is that the discovery algorithms in the user interface can become more attuned to each of those five users.

Netflix says the new options will start rolling out to mobile, the Netflix website and other devices over the next few weeks.

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