Beeline Is Helping the Compass Make a Comeback

Photo: Beeline

Admit it, your cell phone is distracting.

And let’s not forget, distractions and motorcycles don’t make a great combination.

Beeline is back with a new navigation device for motorcyclists, fittingly named the Moto

After successfully launching their compass-like device designed for cyclists on Kickstarter in 2015, Beeline wanted to create a distraction-free navigation experience for motorcycle riders as well.

And after reaching over 600% of their initial funding goal, it’s safe to say the Beeline Moto is off to a pretty good start.

Photo: Beeline

Photo: Beeline

“It was the simplicity of the navigation in our first product that captured people’s imagination. With Beeline Moto we’ve focussed on maintaining this level of excellence while fulfilling the needs of motorcyclists.” — Mark Jenner

The same, but better.

While the Moto is essentially the same design as Beeline’s last model on the outside, it’s updated to work at much higher speeds and engineered to withstand more abuse.

This means the Moto is now fully waterproof, and it also features a brand new mounting mechanism designed to handle increased vibrations caused by scooters and motorbikes.

One of the other main differences is the new navigation experience. With Beeline’s original device, the arrow constantly points you in the direction of your final destination much like an actual compass. With Moto, you also have the option of using the arrow for turn-by-turn guidance, which is definitely helpful at higher speeds when you’ve got less time to make decisions on the road.

Photo: Beeline

Photo: Beeline

It’s all about the details.

In addition to turn-by-turn navigation and all of the physical changes, the new Moto has also been updated to act as a speedometer and track your ride stats.

It’s easy to set up, and you don’t have to worry about a data connection once you’ve punched your route in via the Beeline smartphone app.

You do, however, need to keep Bluetooth on, but you can still chuck your phone in your backpack or one of your bike’s storage compartments and forget about it.

“Motorcyclists need clean, non-distracting navigation systems and that just didn’t seem to exist and certainly not at a reasonable price point.” — Tom Putnam


  • Beeline is back with another sleek navigation device called the Moto
  • Their first Kickstarter campaign for the original BeeLine raised almost $200k
  • The new Beeline Moto raised $669,891—over 600% more than their original goal
  • Great design, shows the new overall trend towards connected devices that allow us to rely less on our phones
  • Navigates using a single arrow and distance readout—allows the rider to focus on the road
  • Plan and store routes for offline navigation with their gorgeous mobile app, then put your phone away and forget about it

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