Nikon Z7 x Louis Vuitton

  If we had cash to burn through, this Nikon Z7 Louis Vuitton edition---24k gold, wrapped in soft bucksin, adorned with the classic LV monogram---would probably be an easy splurge.     Since only the 1% can even consider such luxurious tomfoolery, this camera is only the imagination of photographer Boonlert Rojanaboworn, the operator of… Read More

Photos of Dogs with Eerily Similar Humans

Do furry friends take after their humans, or do humans take after their furry friends?     Photographer Gerard Gethings set out to answer this question with his assistant Baxter in tow, the 9-year-old Border Terrier. With the help of Laurence King Publishing, Gethings had a year to photograph 50 dogs for a comical and… Read More

Keep Clients Happy: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Don't drive your clients mad. Avoid these common mistakes.     1. DISMISSING THE CONSTRAINTS OF THE BRIEF: If the client has set constraints in the brief, it's your job and challenge to be able to work within those constraints. Sure, they're paying you to think outside of the box, but those constraints---budget, timelines---are there… Read More

LEGO’s Full-Scale Bugatti Chiron Model

LEGO recreated the iconic Bugatti Chiron in a full-scale model (it only took a team of their most talented builders and over 13,000 hours of work). Oh, and you can drive it too.     When the favorite toy of most childhoods meets supercar gloriousness, the result is something excessive and yet, we dig it.… Read More

Mixing Art With Business

Typically, most artists see business as a hindrance to the creation of their art and will shy away from it. But what if we told you that embracing your inner businessperson will actually lead to more creative freedom? Your art is your greatest asset, but being aware of your finances will ensure that your hard work… Read More

Pharrell’s Keys For Creative Success

Pharrell is the man behind two decades of chart topping hits, a No. 1 album, three Grammy Awards, a successful clothing line, coveted partnerships with brands like Chanel and Adidas, among a medley of other things. What about this man and almost extraterrestrial being---makes everything and anything possible?   There’s a key for every door,… Read More

Pantone: The Game

The world’s leading color experts have released a game that will keep designers and plebeians alike entertained. Pantone: The Game is based on, you guessed it—color. The game is a fun and competitive color inspired charades; by using colors as an intuitive measure to represent characters from pop culture,  the player will attempt to create a…

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Taku Omura Reimagines Famous Logos as Everyday Items

Japanese designer, Taku Omura of OOD studios, unveiled his design series “Trial and Error” on Twitter recently, where he takes the shapes of famous logos and reinterprets them to be used as everyday household objects. By using a 3D-printer and some clever design, Omura is able to create functional and inventive items that keep the integrity…

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Aerial Photographs of Pools by Stephan Zirwes

“I denounce the privatization of water.” —Stephan Zirwes Photographer Stephan Zirwes uses drones to shoot aerial views of public swimming pools, in a bid to make people appreciate the value of free swimming facilities. The Pools series features an assortment of different public pools, from standard lap pools to ones in unusual shapes. They are all photographed from directly overhead,…

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