Abandoned Danish Factory Transformed Into A Skatepark

    In the Danish city of Viborg, an abandoned windmill factory undergoes a total transformation into a skatepark and rec center for the youth.         At the helm of this design overhaul is Copenhagen-based design studio EFFEKT, who wanted to build out  “a vibrant cultural hub for street sports and culture… Read More

Sinot’s 378 ft Superyacht Concept: Art of Life

  Money can't buy you happiness, but you can buy something close to it with this Superyacht.     Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design brings the heat at the Monaco Yacht Show, presenting its latest Superyacht concept, the 378 feet 'Art of Life.' This majestic beauty has designs reminiscent of a 16th century Dutch icon shipbuilding,… Read More

Keep Clients Happy: 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Don't drive your clients mad. Avoid these common mistakes.     1. DISMISSING THE CONSTRAINTS OF THE BRIEF: If the client has set constraints in the brief, it's your job and challenge to be able to work within those constraints. Sure, they're paying you to think outside of the box, but those constraints---budget, timelines---are there… Read More

Pantone: The Game

The world’s leading color experts have released a game that will keep designers and plebeians alike entertained. Pantone: The Game is based on, you guessed it—color. The game is a fun and competitive color inspired charades; by using colors as an intuitive measure to represent characters from pop culture,  the player will attempt to create a…

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A Jacket Made of a Nobel Prize Winning Supermaterial

“The Graphene Jacket. Part jacket. Part science experiment. Made with the only material in the world with a Nobel Prize.” While it’s completely invisible and only a single atom thick, graphene is the most incredible material on Earth. Just 10 layers stacked on top of each other are more bulletproof than steel. It’s so strong…

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Taku Omura Reimagines Famous Logos as Everyday Items

Japanese designer, Taku Omura of OOD studios, unveiled his design series “Trial and Error” on Twitter recently, where he takes the shapes of famous logos and reinterprets them to be used as everyday household objects. By using a 3D-printer and some clever design, Omura is able to create functional and inventive items that keep the integrity…

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Beeline Is Helping the Compass Make a Comeback

Admit it, your cell phone is distracting. And let’s not forget, distractions and motorcycles don’t make a great combination. Beeline is back with a new navigation device for motorcyclists, fittingly named the Moto.  After successfully launching their compass-like device designed for cyclists on Kickstarter in 2015, Beeline wanted to create a distraction-free navigation experience for…

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Will Trump Dig A Rainbow Air Force One?

The San Francisco and New York-based design firm Collins has taken it upon itself to offer the president some new options for the Air Force One. The plane’s design hasn’t been updated for over 55 years since legendary graphic designer Raymond Loewy first proposed his sketches to President Kennedy. The result?  All of their designs…

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Netflix’s Profile Icons Get a Makeover

The profile icons associated with each Netflix account are finally getting a makeover. Announced by Netflix’s product innovation director, Cathy Conk, the profile icons were first introduced back in 2013—after five years of pumping out new and original content, they’ve decided to turn their focus to the platform aesthetics and give a little customization to…

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Storing Your Cryptocurrency Has Never Looked This Good

Back in June, Benjamin Hubert’s award-winning industrial design agency announced TROVE, “a form of unhackable, unloseable cryptocurrency storage.” After working primarily on high-end furniture and homeware, Hubert rebranded his studio as Layer back in 2015 to focus on more human-centered design projects. TROVE dives headfirst into the two primary problems holding back mainstream cryptocurrency adoption: security and…

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