DJ Khaled’s Son Steals The Show in Apple Commercial

Apple and DJ Khaled made a commercial of true cross-promotion genius. Khaled gets to plug his latest single No Brainer by plugging Apple Music. Siri, HomePod and iPhone X also each get a turn to shine.

The commercial is a partnership to promote both Apple Music and DJ Khaled’s latest single, “No Brainer,” which features vocals from Justin Bieber, Quavo, and Chance the Rapper. The commercial has the look and vibe of a Super Bowl spot, with a comic high-energy and an astoundingly large budget. Which comes as no surprise, considering Apple was just valued at $1 Trillion and probably has ample advertising budget all year round.

But stealing the minute-and-half show was Khaled’s toddler son, Asahd, who, with help from the voice of comedian Kevin Hart, is caught with an iPhone X in a highchair nagging his attorney to aggressively negotiate for more money. A wide-eyed dad seems stunned that his son would sidestep him for the attorney. “Don’t play no games, this is family,” Khaled says, to which the son replies, “No man, this is business.”

On Apple’s part, partnering with DJ Khaled for this spot was a smart move—“No Brainer” is a star-studded single, so it’s like they’re getting 4 musicians in 1. Also, the use of Asahd also brought in a comical and fatherly side to Khaled that not many people frequently associate him with outside of his music. Not only does this humanize him, but it brought the HomePod and Apple technologies right into the homes of its viewers and consumers. This fits right in line with the Apple ethos—just slightly out of touch, but still accessible.


  • DJ Khaled and his toddler son Asahd sell the new Apple HomePod in a commercial while cross promoting Khaled’s new song, “No Brainer.”
  • The HomePod is Apple’s new wireless speaker that connects to your iOS devices, Apple Music, and can be controlled through Siri. Retails for $349 USD.

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