Instagram Now Shows When You’re Online

—and here’s how to turn it off.

Instagram announced a new feature where you’ll now be able to see exactly when friends are online with the addition of a status indicator. It shows up as a little green dot next to a friend’s profile picture throughout the app to show when a friend is active.

This is pretty similar to Facebook, where there’s a small green dot on top of a person’s profile picture in the Facebook platform in addition to Facebook Messenger. On Instagram, this ‘online’ status will only be shown and available for friends who follow you or people who you have personally DM’d.

But what if you want to lurk in peace? No worries, there’s a way to turn it off to keep your friends from seeing when you’re online or active. But the caveat is that it’ll keep you from seeing when your friends are active as well.

To turn it off, just head to the app’s settings page and disable the “Show Activity Status” option.



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