Full Version of Adobe Photoshop Comes to iPad

There have been reports that Adobe is gearing up for the release of a full version of Photoshop for their iPads. The official announcement is slated for later this year in October. This is all part and parcel of Apple’s strategy shift to retool the iPad to feature key PC applications, such as the touch screen features that Apple only has in limited capacity for its Macbooks in the form of the touch tool-bar. Using the iPad to showcase the touch-screen ability with a full version of Adobe Photoshop seems to be Apple’s answer to their otherwise sluggish pace towards full adoption of the touch screen capabilities for their Macbook line.

Adobe’s customers, particularly in media and entertainment, are increasingly working on tablets rather than desktop computers, and have asked the company for the capability to make “edits on the fly” to their creative projects.

Adobe’s chief product officer for Creative Cloud Scott Belsky has confirmed a cross-platformed version of Photoshop is imminent, although a release window has not been announced. These high-end applications when they transition to mobile almost never contain the same quality as its desktop counterparts. Adobe has taken notice of this and has put to action a strategy that allures hobbyists, casuals, and professionals to Photoshop on the iPad.

Expect to see the app released sometime in 2019.

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