LEGO’s New Ad Taps Into Childhood Imagination

LEGO—the ubiquitous building blocks of most childhoods—has a new ad campaign that taps into the pulse of childlike creativity that colored so many of our experiences growing up.

The ad campaign, titled Imagine and Build the Future,  was designed by Asawin Tejasakulsin, a senior art director at Ogilvy & Mather in Bangkok, Thailand. The two series feature incredible LEGO sculptures that playfully interact with reality. 

In the Imagine series, childlike play is materialized as fictional animals made of LEGO come to life as a fire-breathing dragon letting off some steam in a family kitchen to a gorilla swinging from the speaker system. In the Build the Future series, you’ll see childhood dreams come to fruition in life-sized LEGO uniforms of dream jobs that we’ve all had as kids. Remember when you wanted to be an astronaut? A firefighter? A rock star?

This new ad campaign shows that LEGO is here to help you build those dreams—all you need is your imagination.

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