Nike’s New High-Tech Store Tracks Shopping Habits

Data provided by NikePlus members’ shopping habits in LA will shape exactly what the store stocks. The Melrose store is part of Nike Live, and the Swoosh describes it as “an experimental digital-meets-physical retail pilot.”

The new concept store is called “Nike by Melrose” and it is a retail location inspired by the internet. The 4,000-square-foot retail location on Melrose Avenue in the West Hollywood neighborhood of Los Angeles is the first “Nike Live” concept store. Besides being located on Melrose Avenue, the store’s name is because it will feature styles that are most popular with local customers. Nike will utilize data from online purchases to determine what the physical store will stock, making it representative of LA and not trends from the East Coast or the South. The sneaker giant says the Melrose location will sell numerous colors of Nike Cortez, a retro-styled, low-cut shoe, because that’s what people in the area buy online.

The store will feature an ever-changing inventory so you’ll want to check out the latest styles. The concept location will refresh 25% of its footwear every two weeks, three times faster than a typical store. The rear of the store will not rotate, but will display “365 favorites,” much like a “best-sellers” tab you would see on a retail website.

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