Nikon Z7 x Louis Vuitton


If we had cash to burn through, this Nikon Z7 Louis Vuitton edition—24k gold, wrapped in soft bucksin, adorned with the classic LV monogram—would probably be an easy splurge.



Since only the 1% can even consider such luxurious tomfoolery, this camera is only the imagination of photographer Boonlert Rojanaboworn, the operator of Nikon Club Thailand. He photoshopped this faux special edition camera as a joke for his community of camera enthusiasts.



However, there are actual examples of luxurious renditions of different cameras that have come out in past years.



In 1984, Nikon released a 24K gold Nikon FA, producing 2,000 units to commemorate receiving a prestigious camera prize.



In 2014, the luxury gadget company Brikk unveiled a $41,395 24K gold Nikon Df kit.


Just two months later, Nikon unveiled its own gold-adorned version of the Nikon Df, producing 1,600 of the cameras priced around $2,700.

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