Nintendo’s Labo-Themed ‘Cardboard’ Switch Console

Nintendo revealed custom-painted Labo-themed Switch consoles as grand prizes for the Labo Creators Contest. The custom consoles are painted in a realistic shade of cardboard brown, complete with black industrial detail markings and a Labo logo on the back with a matching platform holder.

The Labo Creators Contest is an opportunity for fans of the inventive peripheral line to get creative with their original Labo designs. Contestants can submit their entries for two categories — “Best Toy-Con Musical Instrument” and “Best Gaming Experience using Toy-Con Garage.” Set to run from July 9 to August 20, additional prizes for the winner in each category includes a Nintendo Labo Creators jacket and a framed award certificate signed by the platform’s developers. Four runner-ups will receive the custom Labo-themed Joy-Cons and a Nintendo Labo Creators.

Head over to Nintendo to learn how to enter its Labo Creators Contest for a chance at the themed Switch Console.

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