Predictions for the IKEA x Saint Heron Collaboration

From her performances at the Guggenheim to her iconic structural set design, Solange is a woman who clearly knows how to claim and create stunning experiences through her use of space. Which is why the collaboration announcement of her label Saint Heron with IKEA comes at no surprise. In this collaboration, Solange and her team will explore and create pieces for  living spaces through “architectural and interior design objects with multi-functional use.”

So, what does the collection look like? We wish we could tell you, but the only visual clue is this spherical graphic released by IKEA and Saint Heron:


Here are our predictions of what we could expect from IKEA x Saint Heron:

1. STRUCTURE | We will most likely see influences from Donald Judd, who is a sculptor known for themes of minimalism and challenging traditional sculpture forms. Solange stated that she drew a lot of inspiration for her festivals and museum tour costume styling from Judd’s concept “that we take on our surroundings as a part of the art itself”. 

2. COLOR | Solange is not shy about utilizing bold colors, so we expect to see a lot of shades, especially red. In the past, Solange has played with red lighting for her shows. For her, it represents “this fiery, super volatile, and strong-willed color. Almost stubborn, if you will. Color theory is this really nerdy side of me that I’ve been wanting to explore more of.”

3. FUNCTION | The objects that will come out of this collaboration objects will be minimal and multi-functional, which is indicative of the IKEA brand ethos. Solange wrote Cranes in the Sky to “showcase how we’re always moving in these spaces, and distracting ourselves with all of these worldly things.” Similar to this spirit, we fully anticipate that her collection will be curated and cultivate space with the intent to remain present and inspired.

4. HARMONYMiyake’s design influence will continue, “my work stems from the simplest of ideas that go back to the earliest civilizations: making clothing from one piece of cloth.” In Miyake’s runway show in 1999 he designed a red dress connecting all his models. This was a major influence for Solange’s iconic lavender dress in “Cranes in the Sky”. We predict Saint Heron x IKEA collection will define harmony through repetitive textures and colors.

5. CERAMICS | Saint Heron’s online shop gives us a major clue of what we could expect – beautiful ceramic home goods. The current collection is earthy, minimal and structural. If these design elements continue with Saint Heron x IKEA, our predictions aren’t too far off.

At the end of the day, these are just our humble predictions of a design match made in heaven. So while we’re eagerly waiting to see what the design genius of these two brands will produce, what we admire and respect the most is Solange and Saint Heron’s willingness to experiment with a new medium to express their creative ethos.

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