Photos of Dogs with Eerily Similar Humans

Do furry friends take after their humans, or do humans take after their furry friends?



Photographer Gerard Gethings set out to answer this question with his assistant Baxter in tow, the 9-year-old Border Terrier. With the help of Laurence King Publishing, Gethings had a year to photograph 50 dogs for a comical and endearing photo series titled Do You Look Like Your Dog?



He put out a casting call on the Internet for the dogs first and the response was overwhelming, so he made his selections carefully. How he went about selecting their human counterparts was less strategic; he simply went up to strangers on the street stating first then asking, “You look exactly like a poodle. Can I take your photograph?”



Once he was able to get both of these similarly looking subjects in the studio, he controlled many details—hair, clothing, facial expressions—to make the match as identical as possible. The result is hilarious and heartwarming, showing that dogs are truly man’s best friend.

The Better I Get To
Know Men,
The More I Find
Myself Loving Dogs

—Charles De Gaulle


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