Shiner Beer Account Up For Grabs

After over 15 years of partnership, Shiner beer has moved on with its relationship with McGarrah Jessee LLP, which opens up a very bankable opportunity to any other ad agencies in the area to vie for a chance to win this account.



Gambrinus is the 14th biggest craft brewer in the country, and Shiner spent $761,000 on marketing in the U.S. last year, according to Kantar Media research cited by AdWeek. The San Antonia-based The Gambrinus Co., which owns Shiner and a few other beer brands, gave notice last week that they were looking for a new agency of record. Austin-based McGarrah Jessee began their partnership with Spoetzel Brewery on Shiner since 2003, and just created a $2.5 million ad campaign for the brewery.




McGarrah Jessee Marketing Director Heather Snow stated that the breakup was mutual and on good terms:



After 15 years of partnership, we found ourselves in a position where we were unable to do the kind of work that meets our creative standards. Recently Shiner has embarked on a new direction for the brand that presents creative challenges in how we approach brand-building. That said, it was important to us as partners to ensure we parted ways with the wind in Shiner’s sails. To that effect, Shiner is on a positive path and we’re hopeful for their future success.



Best of luck to the future ad agency that snags this account!

“He was a
wise man who

Beer is proof that
God loves us
and wants us to
be happy.
—Ben Franklin


Gambrinus is the 14th largest craft brewer in the country

After 15 years, Ad Agency McGarrah Jessee is no longer working with Shiner

Shiner spent $761,000 on marketing in the U.S. last year

The split comes after McGarrah Jessee LLP just produced a $2.5 million ad campaign for the brewery

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