Apple’s Larger Than Life Ad For iPhone XS

Behold the powers of the magical iPhone XS Max in Apple's whimsical new ad called “Growth Spurt” in the video above. Directed by John Hillcoat, who also directed Cannes Lions-winning film Corazón, creates a world where anything viewed through the iPhone XS Max’s 6.5-inch display instantly grows to an enormous size.     Corgis, avocado… Read More

24k Gold Apple Airpods, Yours For $10K

Excessive or stylish? We’re not sure. Though, if you do purchase a pair of these BRIKK 24k gold Apple Airpods, we guess you’ve got some cash to burn through since these will set you back a hefty $10,000 USD. These AirPods and their case are coated in two layers of 24k gold, but if this hue…

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Full Version of Adobe Photoshop Comes to iPad

There have been reports that Adobe is gearing up for the release of a full version of Photoshop for their iPads. The official announcement is slated for later this year in October. This is all part and parcel of Apple’s strategy shift to retool the iPad to feature key PC applications, such as the touch…

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