Taku Omura Reimagines Famous Logos as Everyday Items

Japanese designer, Taku Omura of OOD studios, unveiled his design series “Trial and Error” on Twitter recently, where he takes the shapes of famous logos and reinterprets them to be used as everyday household objects. By using a 3D-printer and some clever design, Omura is able to create functional and inventive items that keep the integrity of the brand logo.

The result is ingenious and practical—for instance, Louis Vuitton’s logo converted into a card holder, adidas’ Three Stripes logo is transformed into a pen holder, and Adobe’s sign gets turned into a clothes hanger.

Omura’s artful, imaginative blend of branding and functionality comes at a perfect time; as the world starts setting its sights on more sustainability and eco-friendly measures, more and more people are looking for innovation in branding in ways that don’t add thoughtless excess and waste. Would you cop any of these items?

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