The Internet’s Biggest Graphic Designer Troll Is Back

We may or may not have laughed maniacally like crazy people when coming across James Fridman’s latest batch of Photoshop creations. The British designer has 1.5 million followers on Twitter that he keeps entertained on the regular with his offhand brand of Photoshop.

His Twitter feed is filled with Photoshop requests from people all over the world—which Fridman completely trolls and turns into comedic works of Internet art. Need your arms to look bigger? Cover your cleavage? Censor your middle finger? Fridman is your guy. Check out the gallery for his Photoshop genius at work for these requests.

As graphic designers and retouchers, we know what it’s like to receive client requests to Photoshop the impossible or the ordinary. James Fridman’s response to these outlandish requests are refreshing eff-you’s in a world where we are constantly trying to achieve imagined perfection or at the beck and call of our client’s mundane demands.

Submit a request at your own risk, the result may be exactly what you asked for. 

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