Will Trump Dig A Rainbow Air Force One?

The San Francisco and New York-based design firm Collins has taken it upon itself to offer the president some new options for the Air Force One.

The plane’s design hasn’t been updated for over 55 years since legendary graphic designer Raymond Loewy first proposed his sketches to President Kennedy.

The result?  All of their designs are inspired by Loewy’s original one to preserve the designer’s legacy while giving Air Force One a modern update. One is predominately blue, with touches of red and white. But the other plane looks like a full on party with it’s spectrum of colors. For all that’s been happening in the U.S., it seems like a much needed respite of rainbow—of diversity, inclusion, and tolerance.

However, Collins says his team wasn’t explicitly trying to recall the pride flag:

We don’t see it as a rainbow, we see it as a sort of multi-colored tapestry that speaks to the variety of people, hopes, and ambitions that make up America. Considering that Air Force One might not be updated for another 55 years, we figured why not leverage some of Loewy’s streamlined gestures, but make it more… surprising?”

Pride or not, we cast our vote for the party plane—only because it’ll inject a little color and life into an otherwise dismal presidency.

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The SF & NYC based design firm Collins serves up new renditions of the Air Force One for Trump and keep true to Raymond Lowey’s original designs from 55 years ago. But one plane design stands out from the rest with it’s rainbow-hued party of colors. We like the party plane the most, since we think it represents a lot of things this current presidency does not.

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